Drilling A Deeper Hole Yet Again!

First they claimed to win 117/117 Punjab Assembly seats; then they bargained a little, settling for a 100/117 seats; come elections, they were claiming to get 80 plus; a little closer to the results they had a little sour taste in their boastful mouths, somehow, yet they were giving themselves 65 plus seats. Well they … Continue reading

Portraits Of Ganga By Bhai Baldeep Singh

This year, the people of Bihar region are playing host to centenaries of various protagonists of our history who were hosted by the people of Bihar including Guru Gobind Singh, Mahavira Jain, the Champaran Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi, to mention just a few. The Anād Foundation, under its project Water Memoirs, with Sidharth Artist, has … Continue reading