Nada Yoga Debate Part III

Kamalroop Singh Dear Harshdeep Singh, Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki fateh! In reference to your second paragraph above, the style of the Dhrupad reets in the Gurmat Sangeet performed by Bhai Avatar Singh ji, is clearly different compared to that of Bhai Baldeep Singh ji in the video clips provided above. I think … Continue reading

The Nada Yoga Debate upon request…

It started with the image being posted and then with Amarjeet questioning Surinder about the sign. Amarjeet Singh whats is this sign for bhai sahib ji?! Thursday at 8:47pm · Like · Here Surinder had replied something like – Dear Amarjeet Singh Ji, this is the posture for SA in Nada Yoga. But he … Continue reading