Portraits Of Ganga By Bhai Baldeep Singh

This year, the people of Bihar region are playing host to centenaries of various protagonists of our history who were hosted by the people of Bihar including Guru Gobind Singh, Mahavira Jain, the Champaran Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi, to mention just a few. The Anād Foundation, under its project Water Memoirs, with Sidharth Artist, has … Continue reading

Kirtan Parampara: Music, Memory and The Oral Tradition of Gurbani Sangeet

2015 Parliament Of World’s Religions, Salt Lake Cit, Utah Baba Sheikh Farid lived about 9 centuries ago. A Sufi maestro who inflicted upon himself the harshest of penances with the hope that he would be met with his beloved Pir —Allah. He also sang. His, are the oldest recorded verses in Punjabi language. Two of … Continue reading