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Images — Photo Courtesy of The Anad Foundation

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2018 10 26 | Bhai Baldeep Singh — Tāūs BW2018 10 26 | Bhai Baldeep Singh — TāūsBBS_1585 Edit Crop BWBBS_1585 Edit CropBBS_1585 Edit

Bhai Baldeep Singh

Photo 2015. Courtesy, The Anād Foundation


Bhai Baldeep Singh

Introducing ‘Guru Gaurav’ at Patna.


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Bhai Baldeep Singh revived the instrument Jori —freeing in the process its name that had become synonymous with Tabla, its playing style, unique repertoire & the oldest school of South Asia. His impact, for reintroducing concepts, on the field of percussion is without parallel as articulated by Philosophy-Aesthetics professor, S. K. Saxena, such as “resilience” and “intent-ful waywardness”. Jori is now in vogue!

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