Many Secrets

Marshal of the Air Force, Arjan Singh and Rear Admiral Kirpal Singh posing for me. It was fabulous to see the two real-life heroes together but especially when Arjan Singh said to me pointing a finger towards the Admiral, “me and Kirpal share many secrets!” Ah, that twinkle in his eyes 😉


After my lec-dem in the morning, Ashok introduced himself as a “rasika” asked “which instruments” I made. He studies violin. He has a 140 year old French instrument and is very inquisitive about wood, varnish methods in addition to being a names thrower – Stradevari and so on! My best wishes to you Ashok…

Ākār III – Calligraphy workshop with Kamaljeet Kaur

The ANĀD Foundation with support from District Administration Kapurthala cordially invites you to the Puniya Baithak at the Quila:Sorath 31 Rag of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Series X by Bhai Baldeep Singh jee on Tuesday Dec 17, 2013 from 2.30 PM – 5.00 PM. Also an exhibition of calligraphy artworks and workshop on calligraphy by … Continue reading

31-Rāg Punyā Baithak X – Rāg Dhanāsri: Invite

December 16, 2013 is my mother’s first death anniversary. Full moon night is on the 17th. Mom was a fine Dholak player too and my first Gurbani Kirtan teacher. As a tribute to Ma, Ustad Yousuf Khan, a student of late tabla wizard Ustad Habeeb-ud-din Khan of Ajrada Gharana, who is one of India’s finest … Continue reading

Delhi di shaam

Delhi di shaam chakka bhi te kadam bhi – jaam…

The Book of Disquiet

Gurshabadjeet brought this book today called The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa not knowing that to get me to read a book is a utopian idea. Anyway, I opened the book wondering if she will talk to me – talk of me, my state, my circumstances… —thus she spoke: “432 The slave of my own … Continue reading

Chitti Maseet

The Taimur Lang built 14th century Chitti (white) Mosque inside the Fort (Qila) Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthala and the moon. The photo: Taken late night with a phone camera, the moon in the photo is evident. The darkness below the moon is the Peepal tree while the Mosque is below right with its dome dark and … Continue reading

What’d it be

What’d it be if I were to die tonight. What’d it be to Anad – for Anad. So many would be so damn happy. Some tears will also roll I know. What’d it be if I were to just walk away. Just walk you know. Leave the car be when its fuel ends. Leave the … Continue reading