Khadur Sahib it is. Aam Admi Party it is.

It is an overwhelming moment for me to begin to serve the region of Khadur Sahib, where, since the time of Guru Amar Das, my grand ancestors have served with their heart, with their soul. For many years now, I have served to the best of my abilities in the non-profit, non-political and non-government sector. … Continue reading

Is it time to lose my political virginity?

Is it time to lose my political virginity? Painful it might be.  Bleed me they may.  I feel ready.  Chosen’ve I my caravan mates.  I have the seeds.  I shall walk to the fields.  The path seems treacherous.  Glitter them humps those hurdles Pitfalls very many.  Waters are rough even damning.  Fathom across shall I.  … Continue reading

Khushwant Singh Passes Away: I shed not one tear

He was one of ’em whom I had pledged never to meet for reasons I vaguely remember. Then I met for I had to arrange an interview of his for an archive. We met two days in succession – we sang both days together. He told me of his favourite singers – his all time … Continue reading