Security rejected!

The text of my letter to the SSP, Tarn Taran, declining their offer of security cover. (Saathiyo, Kirpa karke Punjabi wich kitta ise khatt da natthi tarjama vekho) – Punjabi translation attached as image) To Sardar Rajjit Singh PPS Senior Superintendent of Police Tarn Taran, Punjab Dated: Wednesday, 9 April 14 Subject: Regarding security cover … Continue reading

Be a common man!

To my knowledge, only three people in Nizamuddin East colony know that I am standing for elections. First, for she is a neighbour and the other two, second, a neighbour, and the third, a few houses down the lane, because I called the other day regarding the certification of my electoral roll. I just drove … Continue reading

Papers accepted!

Papers accepted! Enjoying dinner at Yellow Chilli, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana en route to Delhi for a short visit just to cast my Vote. Friends, remember to cast your vote – every vote counts! I feel it an honour to drive approximately 500×2 kms just to caste a single vote. Khadoor Sahib constituency citizens, Shri Arvind … Continue reading

Filing my nomination paper

In 30 minutes, I will file my first ever nomination for 2014 Lok Sabha elections from Khadoor Sahib constituency. I want to thank one and all who have been a part of my little world most among whom opposed this idea of “becoming a politician” and also others who were thrilled and welcoming. I also … Continue reading

Shame 3

We were all wondering why the internet connection has not been working at the HQ and Lo! The concerned city officials found that the cable had been disconnected! Sabotage! It is also “beautiful” to learn that agents from all the opponent parties have infiltrated the AAP cadre. No wonder inspite of detailed briefings since Day … Continue reading

Shame 2

Ex-party workers belonging to Akali Dal, BSP and PPP wanted to join AAP today at the Press Club, Kapurthala. 15 minutes before the press conference the Akali Dal supporter in the Bar Association had the hall locked and “threatened to call the cops”. These cronies are now so afraid that the lawyers, doctors, farmers, businessmen-women, … Continue reading


Shame! One of my colleagues in Khadur Sahib area has been threatened with dire consequences both personal and professional if he continued with preparations for tomorrow’s rally! He isn’t speaking much such is the degree of threat he must’ve been served with. The political discourse badly needs to change here in Punjab!

Back in Punjab

Back in Punjab.  ‘look forward towards  mingling again with  Khadoor Sahib constituency’s  hands that create;  that carve;  that farm – plough, sow,  nurture that harvest;  that write both poetry and prose;  those hands of its mothers – the tender, and  those of friendliness. But certainly not those that sell – those seeking – drugs,  that … Continue reading


Siyaasatt te Badmaashi baNd;  Siyaasatt te Ayaashee Khatam – AppaaN Siyaasatt de naal  Sharafatt da,  Seva Bhaav da ate  Insaaniyat da  sumail Karaange. Siyaasatt da te Vyapaar da Ghatiyaa Gatth-joD  Bhann denaa.  Saccha Saudaa Babe ne Sikhaeyaa si Punjabio – Je Nanak Gur ajj bhi aake tuhadde chulhe te pakee roti nicchaDe, savdhaan reho, duddh … Continue reading

Ram Raaj? 

PehlaaN faislaa kar lavo, bhaleyo lokko, ke Ram tuhaddaa Ghulam hai jaa tussee os de sevak. Ajj Ram tuhadda ainna mohtaaj ho geyaa ke tuhaddeeyaan meherbanian bagair Raja nahee rehaa.  Te eh Akali? “Ek Ram ghatt ghatt mein rehta” Phalana Dal te dhimkana Dal – oye moorkho Akal da dal chaheeda si, O kitthe geya? … Continue reading