What’d it be

What’d it be if I were to die tonight.
What’d it be to Anad – for Anad.
So many would be so damn happy.
Some tears will also roll I know.

What’d it be if I were to just walk away.
Just walk you know.
Leave the car be when its fuel ends.
Leave the phone be – the computer be when their battery ends.
Leave the tambura be when it’s last string’d break.
To not to change clothes anymore.
To let them shred – thread by thread.
To just walk.
To just walk on with an animal tribe.
Just be one among them.
To fall when the moment comes – exactly like it comes for them.
To walk on – just walk on you know.

I want to sing upon my dying.
I want to shed a tear some
To laugh some
To mock some
To taunt some
To insult some
Upon myself
upon my dying.

I want to lit my own pyre some
I want to gather in my lap the ashes of my body some
I want to take them ashes in a pitcher to the flowing waters among them five some
But which one among them five waters must I offer my ashes
‘will make five separate portions and pour one each in them five waters

But I will keep one extra portion for the fields in which
Nanak Gur-Faqir
Ploughs still
Waters still
Nurtures still
Harvests still
Nanak wanders in them fields still, sings still
Mardana strikes a Rababa chords still
Crows transform into cuckoos still
Therefore I have hope still.

I want to sing some
Be Nanaki ornate some
An eternal bride some.

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