Back in Punjab

Back in Punjab. 
‘look forward towards 
mingling again with 
Khadoor Sahib constituency’s 
hands that create; 
that carve; 
that farm – plough, sow, 
nurture that harvest; 
that write both poetry and prose; 
those hands of its mothers – the tender, and 
those of friendliness.

But certainly not those that sell – those seeking – drugs, 
that coerce, threaten 
and soil the dignity of 
the soil – it’s people.

To carve from nothingness as if
The hands that shall care 
yet again
Create melodies and rhythmic patterns all wondrous
That will dance
Yet again
That’ll rejuvenate the people 
That’ll protect – it’s people, it’s environment, it’s young – the future. 
That’ll celebrate 
its precious heritage.

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