Raga Sri Alaapa

Dear Friends,

I have been unwell for the last several weeks but especially with this persisting dry cough. I had to make an appearance at this wonderful event hosted by some very fine people and am glad that my voice held at least to some extent.

An audio recorder had been placed but its Record button remained without a finger print —all “forensically” tested. Manpreet Singh Khalsa placed my camera on – you want to know(?) – on a stage monitor and hence this kind of sound quality.

An excerpt has been shared on YouTube and now mentioned on Facebook.
It is the season these days, and was time for Raga Sri that evening. I can do better but there are things that stir up the past especially the singing of Dhrupad pre-19-20th centuries like which we usually get to hear. You can only do as much with an inflamed throat and Sri-like Ragas need better but hope you will enjoy.

Raga Sri evokes Peace —rains Sukkh. My singing isn’t that capable but what does it take in wishing for it for you all – a certain me included.

Voice behaves one day and misbehaves on another – but education and awareness remains. The breath it is.
How one expresses when hale when hearty and then when one isn’t so but rather broken, hurt albeit unable to let go of resilience.

Enjoy the organic – the human – the fallible – my truths my lies.


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