Strange are these times! Trying are these times!

Strange are these times! Trying are these times!
The prosecutor comes up with frivolous allegations and begins to mount a sensational emotional-blackmail campaign in front of an empty chair (Judge). The prosecutor hadn’t that ability to reason, so the chairs were conspiracy-filled with pliable and ever so gullible seat-warmers all of whom who chanted “Yes My Boss, you are our messiah so you are always right! We bow to thee! We are with you! Go for it!”
The prosecutor then walked that emboldened stride up to, and sat in the chair – that Judges’s chair and passed the Judgement. Poisoned, they all called for the heads – those heads of the wise. Alas, they had them all.
And those pliable dolls – ah, those adorable dolls – oh Ye, those Yes Boss dolls, had their rewards!

BJP leaders, don’t mock my party’s honest review of how much we can achieve in 5 years. Let your PM release the resources that Delhi Govt deserves to have, we might even surprise everyone of you and others. Our government has the courage to share our revised estimates. Your party president, the infamous Amit Shah, retracted most of your party manifesto for it was all a mere election Joomla!
We are not calling a single one as a Joomla not retracting any one of our manifesto pledges except sharing our timeline

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