Dear Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Arvind Kejriwal,

One shouldn’t take steps first only to offer regrets later and this has happened time and again. This is why a congregation – a consortium of the wise is necessary to preempt wrongs from being committed. Unfortunately, there is not one amongst you – around you who can now dare you (constructive) when you are wrong (destructive). There is still time get your colleagues back in the PAC and stop mingling too much amongst your sub-ordinates. The (mis)demeanour and gait of several among them is like that of our (Punjab’s) very own Akali Dal sarpanchs who do exactly the same when they get a call from their party president or their CM. When I was in primary school, I remember being asked to prepare a speech on Haste Makes Waste. If I could go back in time now, I will give our conduct since forming the government in Delhi as a golden opportunity wasted (thus far albeit in some areas) all in haste. Some things, Arvind, are not left by the way side by saying “what’s happened has happened” – one needs to recover the precious for there is no other way ahead as the actual going is yet to get tough. Humility is a perfect antidote to the trei — ego, fear as well as cowardice. Being polite isn’t to be mistaken as being humble.

I am glad that you have spoken and apologized to all people concerned and especially to the family. But more needs to be done (see my text to you from last night) and any assistance must come after comforting the family. Compensations has been abused as if were some new-age barter system. In (our) Fauji world, we speak of “presence of mind in danger” —a prerequisite really. All of those who sat next to you it seems lacked that aptitude in those moments. When people want to meet you, the count is only going to multiply “kyoN ab mash-hoor jyoN ho”, ask an aide to tell those seeking to meet you to come the next day or so. Just this little adjustment will prevent people from facing a (psychological) dead-end. It will save a life and much more in the future.

Best wishes,

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