I am disappointed in both Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi!

I am disappointed in both Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi!

Arvind, why was Rajender Kumar IAS with an alleged questionable past brought in when you had others including an IAS lady officer with impeccable credentials in the Delhi cadre itself?
We, the people who know about some stuff and more were already shocked at the choice you had made.

Narendra Bhai, the people of Delhi have given a historic mandate in favour of the AA Party. Can you and your war-mongering hawks please let them be? The AAP fellas have messed up at the intra-party front, but then which party hasn’t? BJP has also been called as MJP – the Modi Janata Party – ever since you and Amit Bhai took charge of party affairs. Look at the Akali Dal Badal – a total takeover of the party by one family which means that unless one is a conformist or a loyalist or worse, a sycophant, one has no political future in it. In any case, the top ranks are already reserved for the family. If you are blessed with a position, you only have the position not the affairs that it must address or administer.
Look at the Congress. Look at the AIADMK. Look at the Trinamool Congress. Look at the Samajwadi Party and so on.

Can we have quiet governance please in this country? Can you both, for example, start inviting poets and musicians instead of lobbyists of one kind, or another, at least once a week each to your respective residences – some audience, and begin to cherish the gifts this nation, that this society still has to offer? Mentor excellence and not merely petty and bigoted wannabe clones such as your own respective selves? Please give us all a break for we have had enough.

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