being rebel

People who can build societies are the only ones who can sustain societies. Others corrupt and slow-kill societies.

It is a foolish stereotype that politics and power corrupts – I have had enough of this nonsense! I have no idea which idiot made this up. Corrupted people corrupt everything and just about everywhere they go politics and power included. Not power nor politics neither privileges are, instead corrupted people are crap and therefore, dirty everything they touch.

No raga or a musical note is out of tune. Only a musician can be out of tune, out of sync!


{Then some may say (3 points that were recently messaged to me privately are as follows):

“Awareness of the rules and honesty are required for being in tune, in sync…
The question is not whether they catch you or not but whether you are willing to abide by rules or not…

Power corrupts as it tempts those in power to bend the rules for themselves…”}

To which I’d say, rules are articulated with an understanding of fairness and justice ensuring (such articulations) that there is no bias or favoritism.

Idiotic implementation of law and/or rules is illegal.

To rebel is legal and legitimate. Being a rebel is to fight for fairness and justice when it goes amiss or when vices such as biases and favoritism are in vogue. Being a rebel is not being anti-national, separatist nor being a secessionist. To be a rebel is to be a revolutionary!

Bending rules is something I can understand but not breaking them. But, bending or stretching rules mustn’t become fashionable or chic but must be employed as a variation/alternative or discretion used but with restraint and only sparingly.

Constitutions have been written and laws often made with malice and prejudice by the rulers ornate with coloured minds against people who do not confirm to their religious, socio-cultural, ethnic, caste or class affiliations. Constitutions have been written reneging on the promises made (to people) prior to the scripting of the said state documents. Such constitutions are not to be considered as if they were cast in stone nor to be deemed as eternal truth(s) and therefore, need to be amended or if need be, even trashed.

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Photo – Farmers tending to their crop at Village Khadoor Sahib.


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