shared destinies

The 20th was the worst century for the Sikhs yet. The “decapitated” body of the Sikh Panth had no idea about their State, their inheritance and ended up losing just about everything. And these so called leaders have nothing in their hands to show us that they, or we, can be proud of. They have no learning, nor a single yearning. All they have to hanker about is modern and post-modern crap while they have no idea anymore about things eternal —about peace and happiness universal – how these are attained, even sustained.

From saviours and donors, these jokers have reduced us down to paupers and mere beggars! Where there was a state of spring, the songs of Farid, Kabir, Ravidas, Nanak Baba —the pakhawaj of Teg Bahadur Guru, the strings of Amar Das the Good One; it is all barren, infertile with ghost cries and not one cuckoo that sings of Hari.

I am okay with the idea of shared destinies —living in the same jungle; in the same cities – being bound in the same “book” but living for the times to come, in a zoo or in some reservation is totally unacceptable! That is I will have unconditional and uncompromising right to own my own claws, my own teeth – snarls and growls, my own taste buds —my hugs and caresses, my preferences and my own institutions —all assets.

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