mind your own little-wittli bizness!!

These words just poured out after seeing the photo “Spot billed duck” shot by Sanjeev K Goyal at Sirsa,Haryana (Nov 2016) and captioned “Just back after hair cut”.
Shortly after, sanity went outta study for a walk, hope it isn’t a short one, and here is the outcome, which I am sharing inviting your scorn some, scathing criticism some!

Nah, you got me wrong —for I ape no gals
no make up, no hair cuts for me m’lovely
I am khalsa, mighty-shighty khalsa
Sikhi to the core, beauty to the bore!
I know not no pooja
no fasting-wāsting for me
nor any no malā-phering
I don’t no Teerath-Weerath
I am already beautiful you see
no need to pray for it
no shampoo-wampoo for me
hair-stylers uff, not for me
am cast in beauty-weuty
Janmāndhroo, that is,
was born tip-top
all perfect-werfect
You can be jealous sure
I know not care Fikar not,
worry not, that is, you go
Khasmā nu Khāo, you see
I bizee flickering my soooo
flickerable wings, and not to
talk about my wing span
my starboard is pretty
my port side exquisitey
Oh, let’s talk-walk no more
even with my pattā-wattā sweater
I am like so full-shull
of myself, so you go
mind your own
little-wittli bizness!


Music courtesy —Jazz track “Fletcher” by a dear Saxophonist friend, Zhenya Strigalev.

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