My thoughts on candidates from Sultanpur Lodhi for state elections

Notable from Sultanpur Lodhi:
—NAVTEJ SINGH (Punjab Congress – PPCC)
Navtej Singh Cheema never raised his voice against the ridiculous action instigated by Akali Dal Halkedar (Dr. Upinderjit Kaur) against Anad Conservatory. In 2014 LS election, he even lied to the voters that he had helped Anad Foundation by “bringing crores of rupees from Delhi” —He has never apologised nor stood up to safeguard Punjab’s vital conservation project(s) being housed at Sultanpur Lodhi. That is why, he will not get my vote!
—SAJJAN CHEEMA (Aam Aadmi Party – Punjab)
Sajjan Singh Cheema is one of India’s finest sportsmen and once elected to the Vidhan Sabha, he will be our best man to look after Punjab’s Sports and Youth affairs. I could not have thought of a better person to nominate for the constituency. AAP has made several mistakes, but nominating Sajjan is one of the better decisions the party has made and I will urge all my supporters to stand with Sajjan Singh Cheema — to please vote for him and support him with all your might, and funding.
—UPINDERJIT KAUR (Shiromani Akali Dal)
Upinderjit Kaur has been the shame-act from Sultanpur Lodhi. She has insulted the Gursikh Traditions and stabbed at the only project aimed at keeping alive Punjab’s cultural heritage. She poisoned the minds of state leadership and bureaucracy, and also instigated the local police station SHO Harpreet Singh to illegally attack the premises of Anad Conservatory where children from underserved backgrounds were being taught specialised knowledge, and taught for free. She has directly caused irreparable damage to Gursikh and Punjabi Virsa. She needs to be shown the door and no mercy until she apologises to Anad Foundation as well as to the traumatised staff and students of Anad Conservatory. Her people had also come asking for a portion of Rupees 2 Crore grant that was announced for Anad Foundation by Punjab Government in 2011. I had refused to oblige with the result that not one rupee was ever received by Anad Foundation. Then, her people tried selling 5 acre land (2011) on the banks of Kali Bein to Anad for 8 times (16 Crores) the cost just to syphon off monetary pledges by some of the trustees and friends of Anad —I protected the pledges and shockingly she had become hostile to the project.
Therefore, I propose v elect Sajjan Cheema!

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