Searching for lost family of percussion discipline

I woke up with this memory —dedicated to Ustad Bhai Partap Singh, my taiyya Ustad and son of my dada-guru – the legendary Ustad Bhai Harnam Singh of Jammu. Sadly, Bhai Partap Singh was so disillusioned by the English stooges – the so called idiots who controlled Gursikh institutions that he left playing altogether and got into transportation business. I have tried to trace his family so I could abdicate the stewardship of this greatest and mother of all percussion traditions of North India back to this family of geniuses. I will appreciate if by way of social media, anyone gets this message or spreads it, and pray it reaches to either of the families of Baba Maiyya Singh or either of his four legendary sons including Baba Bhoop Singh, Bhai Harnam Singh of Jammu or his son Bhai Partap Singh.

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