My Views on navjot singh sidhu’s office of profit issue

{“With his appearance as a celebrity in a popular comedy show coming under question, Punjab Cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu on Wednesday said he cannot be a transporter like SAD leader Sukhbir Badal and appeared on TV to run his family. Taking a jibe at those raising questions, Sidhu said he failed to understand why they were ‘feeling pain in the stomach’ when his voters don’t have any problems with his being on TV.} —PTI

It is not a matter of whether his voters have no issue —in any case, how can he unilaterally claim that they (the voters) have no issues? Now he belongs to all the electors of Punjab, and all Punjabi’s and must dedicate himself to full time service as a Cabinet member at Punjab Government Mand deliver all promises for them (Punjabi citizens).

{“I cannot be a transporter like former deputy CM of Punjab Sukhbir Badal. I cannot be corrupt to mint money. I can’t ditch my people who voted me to power. I do TV shows to earn money to run my family and meet expenditure,” Navjot Sidhu, who holds the local bodies portfolio in the Amarinder Singh cabinet said. Visibly upset, the cricketer-turned- politician said that those raising objections should know that politics is his passion but not his profession.} —PTI

What is Navjot Sidhu saying and what kind of justification is this? Is he suggesting that all others who do not have the privilege to do comedy shows and are ministers are all corrupt? What a poor thing to say!
Politics may be his passion but being a Cabinet Minister is more than a profession, it is a professional responsibility and a sacred endeavor. Punjab is a wounded state, Punjabi —a humiliated civilization —Punjab cannot afford a distracted cabinet.

{“My voters have no problem with my TV shows. Because of their love and blessings, I and my wife won six elections….I fail to understand why somebody has pain in stomach due to my TV shows,” Sidhu said while speaking to reporters. The local bodies minister added that he shoots four days in a month for the TV show and that too during night time.
“What I do from 7 pm to 6 am should not be somebody’s business. I have already left my 75 per cent work related to TV shows, stopped IPL and what else do they want. Should I stop earning?” he asked. Notably, Punjab CM had earlier in response to a question said that he would seek the Advocate General’s opinion about Sidhu’s continuation as a celebrity on a Television show.} —PTI

Nobody is obliged that Navjot Singh Sidhu has given up his professional engagements. Congress’s Cabinet Ministers, Salman Khurshid and Kapil Sibal did not practice law when they were ministers. Ram Jethmalani paused his legal practice when he was Law Minister. Even Arun Jaitley has paused his practice as well and is going to the Supreme Court in plainclothes and not adorned in an advocate’s robe even as he is engaged in his defamation suit vs Arvind Kejriwal. Senior Advocate and Rajya Sabha MP, KTS Tulsi has gone on record saying that Sidhu must chose either of the two —do the TV shows and make money or be the Cabinet Minister of Punjab. I hope that Punjab’s Advocate General is able to study the case of Navjot Singh, as requested by the honourable Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, so that the circus may finally rest.

Navjot Singh Sidhu should have followed procedure —a pity he doesn’t understand the protocol. He could have first sought advice from the concerned legal experts with regards to his taking up a side-employment long before he planned to become a Cabinet-Minister/Deputy-Chief-Minister/Chief-Minister and only then made announcements. People have voted the current government to do work and help Punjab recover its lost ground. His taking vacation or side ventures insults the very political rhetoric that catapulted the Congress party to form the Punjab Government.

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