“don’t hold expectations (about) (any) heaven, and do not be afraid of residing in hell…”

Bhagat Kabir therefore, says, “don’t hold expectations (about) (any) heaven, and do not be afraid of residing in hell…”
The other thing, look at this all men Mehfil with a sermon about how lucrative is heaven but also how discriminatory and class oriented it is. No wonder, Guru Baba Nanak devised nay reformed the discourse giving so it is honourable in presence of men, women and children and for people of all faith(s) at the same time.
I love this Maulana’s sense of humour —look how he sermons in Urdu but jokes in Punjabi inbetween!
A pity that these sermons are being used to brainwash and recruit people into becoming Jihadis. Even though this sermon is not about recruiting anyone as one, rather describes the Jannat (heavenly) world, I have seen a few other videos where failed suicide bombers have spoken about how filthy this world is and how much they were looking forward to blowing themselves up just to get into heaven.
The lesson is something else. It is about restraint in this world. It also reflects how much a this-worldly man aspires for wealth, for flesh, for sex, for slaves and orgies; how sad he is at the short-lived bouts of sexual rage/aspiration – at bodily limitation(s). It simply means stop aspiring for too much here for this world has limited resources; restrain-here-to-gain-there is the actual dādrishTanti mantrā! It is also reflective of the times when the Kalmās were written/received. It shows the overindulging intrusive man that in his age Hazrat Sahib wanted to tame, so he gave them a “Jannat” to hold-their-guns-on for.

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