Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji at Navdanya INA Delhi was at Navdanya that was celebrating the Harvest of India’s Biodiversity & Cultural Food Heritage – Baisakhi, Vishu and Bihu!

We got opportunity to meet Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji from Anad Foundation, and Dr Vandana Shiva (from Navdanya), and what a great moment it was as Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji not just shared but also performed some raagaas, malhaars.

It was a special event as Navdanya organised Bija Satyagraha – Seeding Bija Swaraj, Anna Swaraj, Bhu Swaraj for Jaivik Bharat 2047, and the Delhi Chapter of the event was about “HARVEST OF BIODIVERSITY, FEAST OF ABUNDANCE REMEMBRANCE OF THE JALLIANWALA BAGH MASSACRE”


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