What Oath Arvind Kejriwal?

Aam Aadmi Party had pledged to the nation that they shall be the party with a difference and that its leadership, shall be the leadership with a difference. What happened to that pledge? Was that first edition of AAP (with its extraordinary set of objectives) pious and pure or this fractured edition or leftovers, if I may, of AAP, which has been built on hatred, insatiable greed for power, privileges and money? Obviously, I prefer the former.
Your attempt to hunt for leakers seems to copied from the POTUS 45, Donald J. Trump’s text book. You continue to prove that you just cannot course-correct and will not simply learn from mistakes and grave errors in judgment and having plundered all opportunities, well almost all, that came with the formation of AAP. It is really funny to see a Leakers-in-Chief transform into a salesmen selling diapers.

Where do the expressions such as “Betraying God” come in —have you anointed yourself as some God? A 33 Crore (Devi-Devtas) plus 1? Can betrayal to God be measured and quantified? Of course not! One cannot measure the amount, say in kilograms, of Bhakti, PremaBhaav, Ahankaar or Nafratt, etc., in anyone. Not you, not me!

In the video, you*, the Aam Aadmi Party chief, can be seen telling councillors: “If you betray the movement, then you are betraying God…
…if you betray the party, you will not be able to stay happy”.
Then you administer some sort of an oath, which is repeated by the Cabinet Ministers present as well, to Aam Aadmi Party – Delhi’s elected councillors on “never betraying the pavitra (pure) party and the movement”.
* {Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/…/mcd-election-a…/1/939799.html}

I see this “betray god… …you will not be happy” as veiled threat to life and liberty of the newly elected councillors and to all the lesser mortals who still remain associated with AAP.

Only you could have proven that you are not a visionary, something that you have painstakingly and successfully done. You are just a reactionary, albeit a little noisy one, as I have told you before —that “reactionaries act in retrospect”. The movement was not something that you built (alone) and that movement you shall lead not (alone). There is no imagination in anyone of you, no vision —just confusion and opportunism. Under your leadership, you have reduced the whole idea of a new nation to a bubble, first, and that which just seems to have burst a little too early.

I have carried a notion since 2014 that you are not a man of conviction and that you are a coward. I really hope I am wrong? It needed courage to not to break the party on petty rage just because your own goof ups were being questioned. You did not show it then. It need courage to go to Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan and apologies for your petty remarks. You did not have it in you. It needed courage to relinquish the Party President post after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, the second time. Instead, you made decisions that only a coward does.

Everyone is courageous deep within. Those with a history of cowardice need to surround themselves with men and women who carry clarity of thought, conviction, courage and compassion. Can you harness courage to unshackle yourself from your bondage —free yourself from your manipulators? It will be good for you, and you alone. For, (Mayank Gandhi) India is a huge nation and our civilization extraordinarily rich, even unique. India will chug along just fine, even in this era, with you – without you.

Remember, for humility’s sake, you were a nobody then and you shall be a nobody “then”! And by the way, the rest of us aren’t any different.

Learn, if you can, from the grave errors that Yudhishtar made —he went on burning everything until there wasn’t even Draupadi left to burn. The world had then burnt thereafter.

A political party or any organisation is not supposedly the name of a scabbard; its Supremo, the sole sword anointed within; members of the organisation nor the slowly gathering dust outside, or them termites that venture within. Multiple use “arsenal”, multi-user lineup is key.

Wake up my friend, wake up now —it’s just a nightmare albeit of your own making!

Bhai Baldeep Singh

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