When venturing out
to seek answers and truth,
remember to leave
your questions,
and all of your queries
home alone.
Of finite means and
of limited measures,
a Being is simply incapable
to carry their burden
at one time both
—of all question marks
—of all exclamation marks.

If contemplation,
an ability to reason,
being compassionate,
even redemption,
the voice to sing
the song eternal,
you may enthuse,
you’d need to let go
the burdensome baggage of both;
of seeking,
of receiving.
For all questions
aren’t there for asking,
all answers
not there for taking.

Francesca Rondinella, here is my effort to translate (perhaps you can compose it 🙂 ), almost, the one I wrote in Sant-Bhakha ( the language of the Saints) a few hours ago:

जवाब लेने जब
जाते हो ना बरखुरदर
घर पे ही
छोड़ के
जाया करो।
बंदा बहुत
सीमित सा होवे है
एक साथ
सवालों और जवाबों का
बोझ उठाने के
असमर्थ है।
और हाँ
बिचार और बंदगी करने का
गर चाउ चड पड़े
दोनो से ही
मुक्ति पानी होगी तुम्हें!
हर सवाल किया नहीं जाता
हर जवाब लिया नहीं जाता।

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