Khadur Sahib it is. Aam Admi Party it is.

It is an overwhelming moment for me to begin to serve the region of Khadur Sahib, where, since the time of Guru Amar Das, my grand ancestors have served with their heart, with their soul.

For many years now, I have served to the best of my abilities in the non-profit, non-political and non-government sector. I am grateful to every single colleague, esteemed volunteers and friends for all that they have brought to The ANĀD Foundation and to me personally. Nothing changes though. Anad must continue its unprecedented work. We all need to get together, intensifying our efforts.
Many are alarmed at my “becoming a politician” (whatever the heck that means smile emoticon I want to tell them that when I gave my flying career options, no one approved of it either. “You want to become a Ragi? You’ve got to be crazy to be doing what you are doing Mister!” is what many said. They did not understand the idea of conservation – of revival – of recovering a heritage – of salvaging the precious memory – of cultural resurgence. Of course, when all of these come out of a 19 and something years old, who’d believe that. I did. I believed in myself and believed in the pedagogical process that I was about to be subjected to.
I want you all to trust me with this. I want you to pray for me. I want you to help me through all that awaits me.

I am also hoping that the fight of the ballot box is a civilized one. All opponents, me included, will maintain dignity and respect every view out there. It is hoped that the battle isn’t of egos – of false pride. May the one with the finest vision and ability to serve, win.

A journalist asked me, “Have you met Mr. Kejriwal?”
I said “No!”
This is the strength of this caravan of honest contributors. That I was researched out of the field and not “parachuted” in a “war zone”. That I did not have to prostrate or beg the “high command” to get the “seat”. I wanted to check out the caravan – I did. I am sure the concerned committee members also must have checked me out before deciding to field me.

I have been calling my member trustees to inform them about this. Kiranjit Bawa still does not believe this – he thinks I was joking when I called him up!
Many of my colleagues in the foundation are upset with me – still. Folks, I need your support – you have a foundation to run! You are not loosing me to politics.
“Pilots do not renounce their careers and become Ragis this and Ragis that!” is what they said to me 24-25 years ago and now please do not phrase, “cultural heritage protagonists do not become politicians!”
So here I am – here comes a common man – without any political, financial and/or popularity muscle – with a vision for the people of the region of Khadur Sahib.
We are going to win. And, I am here to stay.
I will need your support – I will need you to walk along – believe me that there is plenty we – the commoners – can achieve!

In a few hours, I will offer a personal Ardas where Guru Nanak taught us how to pray – in front of the mosque inside the Sultanpur Lodhi Qila. I will then offer a formal Ardas at the historic Gurudwara at Khadur Sahib tomorrow and begin my campaign.

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