Is it time to lose my political virginity?

Is it time to lose my political virginity?

Painful it might be. 
Bleed me they may. 
I feel ready. 
Chosen’ve I my caravan mates. 
I have the seeds. 
I shall walk to the fields. 
The path seems treacherous. 
Glitter them humps those hurdles
Pitfalls very many. 
Waters are rough even damning. 
Fathom across shall I. 
Sow those seeds shall I. 
Irrigate shall I with waters still pure
-still sacred. 
Harvest shall I. 
Then only dance shall I. 
Sing songs shall I. 
Though melodies seem complex. 
I feel ready.
This night’s dark still. 
Darker it may yet become. 
I’ll count the stars and shrug this night along. 
It will be dawn – finally!
And I feel ready.

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