An airplane with many loved ones onboard gone missing; a ferry that continues to burn —a passenger jumps off the burning ship reminding me of the ones who decided to jump off the World Trade Towers – that unforgettable morning of a certain September 11; A blast that shatters the Church Street in Bengaluru killing a lady; Is there a place that can be called – a way of life that is – safe?

One may be a scoundrel; a killer; a rapist; a cheat; a soldier, cop, politician, apilot, a sage —a seer, and so on – the moment when the soul parts with “its” body is going to arrive. The key is in learning and perfecting the Art of Dying, if at all. If one thinks one is going anywhere because of a good or bad a deed done, or more; if one has an idea or an image of heaven or even hell; if one thinks that there is any way one’s life and content within is going to command any future hereafter; You have been had!

There ain’t anyone messed up more than the One Who Does It All – there ain’t anyone naughtier than…

Learn to love yourself friends – it is closer, easier and actually fruitful than loving thy enemies —thy neighbours.

Laugh | Celebrate | Sing | Read | Write | Relax – no need to rush anywhere | Contemplate | Love | Question things – be an idiot, a fool if need be but be adorned with the finest – wit, logic and reason —rationale, even humour | Let go! Just be!

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