Will there ever be an end to intra-party stupidities!

Apologize my fellow party men for perpetrating malice and intrigue against people who make you jealous; who are equals or perhaps even grand. Apologize for all the wrongs that you willingly and knowingly committed that have now snowballed out of control and have brought such disrepute and shame to this hope, this dream called AAP! Apologize for the lead up and the way the two meetings of this godforsaken month of March of the year 2015 were conducted! Apologize by nullifying the manipulated decisions! Apologize for letting us all down who have contributed all that we could to AAP! Apologize for the way you have all denigrated the office of the internal Lokpal! Apologize for running away (Bhagodaa’s) from the very ideals and principles that our party was founded upon! Apologize for disrespecting, even purging as if, constructive criticism and for your hooliganistic attempt at gagging voices of concern (and not mere dissent)! Apologize for insulting us the way you have! Otherwise, we will fire you all from the PAC – from the NE – for we are the Aam Aadmi’s —the ones who own the party.

Remember my friends in the PAC, we make you what you are. You have not made us what we are! You are not our bosses and we refuse to stand to more crap than what has been served to us! Stop it now!

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