I saw on Twitter that Ashutosh has recently tweeted his intent to visit Prashant Bhushan and gift him his book – “The Crown Prince, The Gladiator and The Hope”.

Sadly it has become a case of coronation of our own “Crown Prince”, “His” ever-so-glad and gullible “Gladiators” and the vanished “Hope” of Pooran Swaraj, Alternative Politics and of the return of Integrity as well as Honesty in Politics.

In Punjab, there used to be proverb that if you choose dirty hands to do a job, they only deliver dirty jobs and dirty everything and everywhere they touch!

I think the way Ashish Khaitan has spoken and the kind of coloured agenda he has seemingly had, he should have recused himself from the committees which were to adjudicate on the matter. He has unfortunately been shooting from his hip first and asking, even regretting, later!

All of these short-wired short-sighted ill-mannered uncouth loudmouths have brought such shame and disrepute to the party that it has become what can be literally called the anti-AAP activity. I do not succumb nor subscribe to conspiracy theories but am left wondering if several of these “leaders” of the party have accepted an external investors mandate to form a coterie around Arvind and destroy the very idea of the Aam Aadmi Party as well as demolish the extraordinary idea of an Aam Aadmi called Arvind Kejrwal!

Coloured eyes, they all have had coloured and deafened ears, they have passed coloured judgements! The decisions of the recent days are illegal, unconstitutional – in other words, simply null and void! All allegations and counter allegations needed to be placed at the doorstep of our party’s actual ombudsman, Admiral L. Ramdas. Whose judgement should then have been binding to all the parties concerned. But the prosecutors made allegations and then themselves passed judgements. This has been the lowliest of the lowly among acts.

What a pity! What a shame!

Sardar Inderjit Singh (Mumbai) asked me “Sir, I saw Times news last night. People want to know why YY+PB+SB worked against AAP & to defeat AK. No amount of discussions can convince till this point is clarified. Hope to receive yr reply pls. Thank you”
I told him that all of these stories and allegations about the treo are blatant lies, totally baseless and pettily planted to which he replied:

“If planted why have they not challenged in the court of law?”

He had requested if he could make this response public for he “…just want to see if there is any truthful Sikh politician around.” I am making it public for his convenience!

Prashant Bhushan had already demanded an enquiry —a probe in this case.

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