My thoughts for the day

I hope the Delhi Goverment will not glamorise suicides by offering a monetary compensation to the family of Gajendra Singh for it will risk farmers facing poverty and hopelessness feeling encouraged to taking the extreme step at political rallies.
This is an unfortunate incident and the conduct of the cops who watched the “show”; volunteers who were clapping and raising slogans; as well as the politicians on the stage is all suspect!

Delhi Government should refrain from using the suicide of Gajendra Singh to debate about the actual “ownership” of Delhi Police.

Shameful that even when the Delhi CM, Parliamentarians, Delhi state several ministers and a few thousand volunteers of AAP were present at the rally, there wasn’t a Fire-tender and an ambulance on standby!

AAP’s Delhi Government must try and gain full statehood for Delhi but we must not bring issue this up while the family and friends of the deceased (AAP volunteer) and AAP volunteers mourn this tragedy. It gives the misconception that we (AAP) are perhaps deflecting from the issue (the tragic demise of Gajendra Singh).

What was wrong in Bhagwant Mann’s remarks that the speaker expunged his words? Not one thing (in as much that was shown in TV)! Am glad Sonia Gandhi spoke against this strange act by the Speaker of the House!

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