gajendra’s suicide

Whatever be the case – there wasn’t any sense in Gajendra climbing up the tree using a turban as a harness albeit around his neck. Ironic that he made his name tying turbans.
Was he on a high? I am obviously interested in his postmortem report – especially his blood sample report. It is clear from the video footage that he wasn’t stable and can be seen swaying up there.

Ego was it? What was the issue if he couldn’t have access to Arvind Kejriwal that day? I didn’t want to say it that day for we were all shocked by the tragedy multiplied by the ineptitude of the volunteers and the leaders alike who sat stoically, as if, on the stage. Much has been said about the later already so I won’t add anymore on that (note).

If Gajendra had access to Manish Sisodia as is alleged then he could have easily have had an audience with Arvind! Look at his daughter and his family – the way his dad kept his dignity – his mom! Could Gajendra not remember them all when displaying his inexplicable and unwarranted heroics? His daughter assured Ashutosh that no harm will come to any AAP leader were they to visit Dhausa for they (her family) were all Kshatriyas – Sanjay eventually went there to offer condolences. But what kind of Kshatriya act was Gajendra Singh enacting – their dharma is to protect others and give life of their own if need be for but public good. This was not any public good. It (his act) only exposed the fragility of our society (his included) as well as of all political parties concerned.

Suicides and even suicidal threats are all about ego – about oneself. Humility is in flowing on even if ones’ tears were to be the only water-flow available!

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