Canine tail

I had advised against falling prey to temptations to glorify Gajendra Singh’s “accidental” demise. Instead of paying heed to suggestions, on one hand there is an attempt to immortalize the tragic case of Gajendra Singh, the idea called Martyr is being scandalized, on the other, if not insulted! What a shame!

So lowly is the understanding of some of these strategists around Arvind Kejriwal that they come up with such stupid ideas. AAP’s strategy should have been to let the world forget this unfortunate and a poorly handled chapter asap. Instead of its adversaries rubbing salt over its deep and painful self inflicted wounds, AAP is making robust and long-term arrangements to self-apply and self-scrub salt over its self-inflicted injuries. Canine tail, as Guru Teg Bahadur sang in Raga Asavari once, just doesn’t straighten ever howsoever fine the incoming advice may be!

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