How wonderful Sukhbir Singh Badal Sahib!

I hope you would have the courage to ensure that the Anad Conservatory site inside the ruined Qila at Sultanpur Lodhi which has already started churning out excellence bearers will also get (back) an electricity connection after three years! Additionally, I hope that the stolen 2-feet water pipeline (by a couple of cops at the behest of a local politician) will also be restored so that students and teachers can have some water – to drink, wash laundry, take shower, etc., – inside the Qila. History is very naughty when it story-tells. You are writing it – you also being written in it. I too am writing as I am being written (in its pages too). The mighty, at most times, prevent the truths from being written but the “meek” have memories wherein the narratives continue to live on. The story thus far has been a case of my persevering to usher in a state of spring on a land (Punjab) laid barren by sheer callousness, ignorance and ineptitude of the administrators over the last decades, including you my friend! Impeding and preventing me from churning out excellence bearers is simply murdering those tangible and intangible assets from whom we derive our pride, our dignity and our uniqueness. There have never been more than a handful of courageous people in town Mr. Badal —Money and unbridled power has never bought anyone an entry into that unique club!

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