with whom?

Politics (or war) is played on trust. If one does not join a cluster of people or an ideology, one becomes an orphan. Eventually one will need to choose – “with whom?” Siding with the party’s ideology is the best cluster to be truthfully and faithfully affiliated with – one can never go wrong with it.

In which manner, one walks – with ones’ head held high; sleeps soundly at night; without any fear whatsoever of all that which hides in the dark; with pride and dignity all intact.
I had thought Punjab had given a healthy number of those who would have taken the lead. I was particularly disappointed to see that none, save perhaps one, of the Punjab leaders present saw through the wrong in Arvind’s call on March 28, 2015. He called to choose between him, or the other two. There was one another position – of that of the party, its ideals – its principles, the dreams and promises all encapsulated in each word the party’s constitution contained.

I am reminded of Ashtavakra’s lament at the greatest of Brahmins – sages and gurus, gathered at the court of Raja Janak, both of whom I continues to admire. Ashtavakra had labeled that gathering as a “congregation of cobblers” for they failed to see beyond his sun nurtured skin and eight-crooked a bodily structure. It was a repeat of that day that had dawned upon this land ages ago albeit none as wise as that mighty king called Janak rode on any horse nor anyone as daring as the mighty and the so very wise, Ashtavakra, who called a spade a spade.

Punjab was supposed to have carried something more than a canine tail into the meeting. What a pity! Such a shame!

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