Dr. Sumail Singh Sidhu

Dear Friends,

The support you have all showered me with is extraordinary and I shall always be grateful to you all!

I do understand that many among us – me included – were surprised with the sudden announcement of Dr. Sumail Singh Sidhu. An acquaintance had posted the clipping from the Tribune as a comment on December 10, 2015. I personally feel that this is an exciting probability with him and others in the fray. People will benefit from the political discourse that will surely ensue if I were to also enter the fray upon receiving feedback from all quarters concerned. 

Some of our friends and political activists have feared that If both I and Sumail were to be in the fray together, it will divide votes. I have weighed and thought and can responsibly state that this will not be the case. Sumail is perhaps not looking at the votes in any case but perhaps at the platform wherefrom he can share his political thoughts and critique of the current state of affairs. He deserves as much. 

My decision will be taken after taking a few people, activists and Jathebandi’s who now matter to me dearly, all into confidence. The sudden announcements of poll entries by people will not force the pace of any announcements emanating from my side. I am grateful for your patience and understanding. 

For me, it is already being a very intimate experience to even think of serving the historic region of Khadoor Sahib. My ancestor, Sadharan Ji from Fatehabad, and Bhai Lehna were both Gurubhais – classmates – studying at the feet of Guru Nanak. Not far from Khadoor Sahib, Guru Amar Das was to then bless Sadharan Ji with the sewa of doing the architecture and construction of Baoli Sahib. After the successful completion of the work, Gur Amardas Patshah had blessed him with a turban and the humbling title of “Bhai”. He became to be known as Bhai Sadharan, Bhai-ke of Guru Amar Das. Guru Nanak Dev’s gift of Katha-Kirtan still lives on (in our lineage)! 

Wining and losing aren’t the factors. Even considering the humbling request of community elders, sociopolitical activists and friends to stand from this recently vacated seat has made me recall so much of history – past and present. I am reminded of the extraordinary service done by the Gur-Sikh extraordinaire, Sant Sewa Singh, especially in the fields of education and environment. Khadoor Sahib is such a blessed place! Imagining Guru Angad Dev Maharaj doing calligraphy is stunningly overwhelming — whereby he revived the vernacular script which was to be used by Guru Arjan Dev Maharaj to write Gurubani in over two dozen languages and tens of dialects including Arabic, Persian, Marwadi, Sanskrit, Braj, Maithali, Punjabi, Marathi and so on!

Whatever be the decision of the collective, it shall be binding on me and believe you me, and in any case, this will not be a By-election business-as-usual!

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