partition of India of 1947 stands derecognized

The partition of India of 1947 stands derecognized —partitions of Punjab all annulled!
For their treachery, the Dogra family is exiled from Kashmir, their properties confiscated and attached to the “state” and the regions of Jammu and Kashmir restored back.

All Gur-Sikh Kingdoms stand re-anointed for Kingdoms anointed by Guru Gobind Singh and Gur-Panth-Khalsa cannot be absolved by (Indira Gandhi) anyone but the Gur-Khalsa which has the Seal of Guru Nanak – Guru Gobind Singh. 

All Gur-Sikh assets stolen and/or borrowed by, and/or issued to, any Monarch state(s) and/or nation states are ordered to be returned back with immediate effect. Any damages incurred or alterations done to any of the assets will be reviewed; appropriate penalties levied with interest. 



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