Weapons of math instruction

My Dear Leonardo,

I have finally realised your true worth; you no longer will see me sulk upon seeing your Al-Gebra mark-sheet that is I will never coax you, bribe you, or when worse comes to worse, coerce you, to become proficient at maths. I am so relieved Luigi is studying cultural anthropology and Japanese, whatever these mean. I am now willing to do yagya and even host an Akhand Path (which is the non-stop reading of Guru Granth Sahib even if one doen’t understand or live a single word of it) and pray so that the gods of Engineering Design can do away with maths and Al-algebra altogether (and do it all without such notorious menace(s))! I do not want that you ever get caught redhanded with your Al-Gebra provided Weapons of Math Instruction and even arrested for threatening respectable governments! 

Your doting daddies {I hope I got m’count right 😳},

Bhai Baldeep Singh

PS: Americans and their miscalculations, ugh! The conspiracy theorists had correctly pinned my Jewish strategist friends for downing the twin WTC towers (this framing was done by the American arms industry in the first place which meant the theorists had it all wrong to begin with ha!) but the American war-gaming slaves summed that the Taliban were the Jewish conspirators for they also had some sort of a curl and them beards; but then it was to get more complex for they miscalculated the address – Taliban have captured, and thriving in, Afghanistan – as Taliban+have+captured>,<and+thriving+in+,+Afghanistan = Topple and Kill Saddam Hussein who lives in Iraq! 😂

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