Advice to AAP Series

I had forgotten some of the horrid chapters from the book of AAP but then from time to time, I do get some gentle reminders. What to do, perhaps it is destiny!

Talking to a dear friend, I was reminder of one of the anti-bbs rumours that was spread by a few jokers in my constituency who would come with the lamest of suggestions. When these would not be accepted, the either-it-is-my-way-or-there-is-no-way kind of proposers would feel “humiliated” and behind my back would start spreading that “Bhai Sahib is such an elitist”. The other rumour that has been recently spread is that I never visited some of the constituencies – perhaps this particular one may rather be counted as a lie. This lie was being spread by some of the volunteers and so called leaders who were scrambling to claim every single vote from the assembly seat segments as a fruit of their labour only and nothing to do with me. And this was all done just to claim the MLA tickets for 2017. Because they knew that their worthlessness was now known to me, a handful of these cheats had ganged up against me fooling the likes of #ManishSisodia and #ArvindKejriwal. These poor fellers may do a survey of the votes across Punjab and in Delhi that were cast for AAP because of me and they will know!

Last year, even Dr. Daljit Singh, my Lok Sabha Candidate colleague who stood from Amritsar was also ill fed with the same information which gloriously seeped in his letter to #ArvindKejriwal – that I never visited the constituency of Baba Bakala and yet I garnered a lot a votes!

The people who were spreading these lies were mostly Akali Dal saplings who were planted to scout for the finest names in AAP Punjab and harvest stories that would discredit them and therefore, distancing them from the AAP leadership. The exact quote from the letter of Dr. Daljit Singh being:

“Baba Bakala is in Bhai Baldeep Singh constituency. In spite of the fact that he could not visit this area, he received a large chunk of votes from here, thanks to enthusiasm of the AAP workers.”

It was with great pain that I had had to write back the rebuttal along with captioned photos attached. In fact, I am going to share the whole letter written to Arvind, #ManishSisodia, and everyone else Dr. Daljit Singh had written to but adding Prashant Bhushan’s email for he was heading the disciplinary action committee. Here is the while letter —in fact along with all the images that I had sent for hopefully it will not only educate friends and volunteers about the horrid pettiness that was in vogue in the AAP in Punjab but also help the AAP supporters understand the kind of battle some of us had been fighting to ensure trash did not fill up in the party. Instead, many cheats were honoured with privileges and even protected! Imagine, my friends, this was a letter written as early on as August 5, 2014:

Dear Dr. Sahib,

You may need to update your notes and facts and please do not believe in the misleading campaign (intended against me) emanating from certain quarters in Punjab. You’ve been told a blatant lie that I did not visit Baba Bakala. What is the source of this information —may I ask? I wish you had confirmed it (“the fact”) with me before writing this in your own hand (maligning my reputation). I visited the place many times during the campaign and even after and all my visits are audio-visually documented as well as find mention in the press.

The photos attached with this email are from the day 2 of my election campaign (number 8674 – 8967), that is March 27, 2014; Road show of April 28 – the photos from when I began the road show from Baba Bakala which culminated at Khadoor Sahib (6966 – 7009); as well the post-voting-day meetings I did with my volunteers on May 8, 2014 (numbers 7391 – 7440). I did 5 meetings that one day starting at 9:30am. That a candidate had hit the ground running even before the elections results were announced and doing meetings with; thanking them all —noting issues plaguing the concerned areas with the “enthusiastic” party volunteers, workers and members from other political and non-political outfits such as the left parties, Kisan unions, etc., is a story in itself.
I feel hurt, humiliated and even perhaps outraged.

Many misleading story-lines and lies have been spread regarding my recent visit to the EU, UK and the US. For example:

That I actually went to sell antique instruments.

That I had gone to do Kirtan programmes.

That I am benefiting my foundation – Anad – by being in the party. (May it please be noted that I may have added value to AAP by joining but have certainly caused massive losses to Anad Foundation and its crucial and unprecedented projects by joining the party, and politics. I knew the price I may have to pay upon joining and I carry no regrets).

People can check with the party volunteers in Italy, UK, Scotland, the US and Canada to learn about the activities of my recent 5-week tour – meetings that I attended, interviews and lectures that I gave.

I am not talking about your email, but it is unfortunate that our party – a party with a difference; a party of pioneers; of renunciates; a party of visionaries – will be burdened down with such a petty intra-party political discourse and gossip-mongering is indeed unfortunate.

People who did not do any work from my constituency are honoured with positions in the committees. It is unfortunate that my name did not even exist in the first draft when these (committees) were being formed.

When, in 1989, I was selected for the Indian Air Force’s 147th Flying Pilot’s Course (FPC), I had to choose three from my batch of ten for a command task during the interview at No 1. AFSB, Dehradun. Interestingly, there are more marks, than the actual command task, for the choices one makes from among the ten batch-mates. One fails the test even if you achieve the command task but make the wrong choices. I failed to accomplish that task then. To console me, the two judges, Squadron Leader #Mohla and Wing Commander #Vasudevan, asked me to look at the bucket filled with dried soil that I was supposed to retrieve. It was actually full of weeds and I was surprised. “It has never been touched by anyone since it was first placed there!”, I was told.

Please note that a few weeks ago I had written an email to Sri-s Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia regarding Manjinder but did not write about the fact that my name was not considered in the committees or that this attempt at removing me from Khadoor Sahib constituency altogether had been made. During the election campaign, I promised the people of my constituency that, win or lose, I will stand by them for the next five years. I do not go back on the promises I make. Even throughout my recent visit abroad, my cell phone would ring – problems ranging from murders, acid attacks, property disputes, to party grievances (from Khadoor Sahib, Bhatinda, Jalandhar, Amritsar and other places, for example) have been continually addressed by me. Every single call responded back by me even if it came when I was resting, that is.

On what basis is Manjinder Singh, the erstwhile Convenor of Patti been given the charge of the whole Tarn Taran district? I had informed Manish Sisodia that this gentleman had been blackmailing and coercing his own fellow Convenors into submission! This fellow party worker of mine did not even win his own village and he is promoted?

Tarlok Singh is another case. He sold the caps for Rupees 10/- I bought and gave him for free distribution, for example. He lied about so much during and after the campaign. He did not get me more than 50 votes that is, if at all. My election agent and his team visited a polling booth in Kapurthala on the day of voting, April 30, 2014, and found no polling agent of our party there. The name (of the polling agent) Tarlok had given proved to be fictitious. When my election agent called Tarlok from that particular booth he shouted back at the election agent, “what do you know? You just sit in the election office and talk – go to the field and then you will see what work I have done! I have visited that booth a few minutes ago and the agent is doing his duty!”

Evidence against these gentlemen and a few others have been provided over the last few weeks but no action taken, unfortunately!

Rewarding corrupt people is an attempt at harming the party. This is also deemed as an anti-party work even if it comes from the hands of the party elders. They may not be Brahm-gyani(s) but the elders need to be astute judges of people atleast, else where are we headed towards! Favoritism and covert management to consolidate positions within the party even if at the expense of precious party assets is also corruption —something that actually harms the very roots of the party.

Yes, the party has many jewels but sadly not many jewelers. We are short on strategists and tacticians in Punjab. I know of at least some among the rare ones in Punjab who also happen to be in our party but who are constantly and clandestinely being shot at with an attempt to be brought down from the skies. Perhaps because some amongst us feel dwarfed and are afraid of them.

It is so unlike me that I am even surprised at writing this note to you and the cc’d. Perhaps it was seeing that lie about me finding its place – being written – on paper for the first time that prompted it.

Warm regards,

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