Khadoor Sahib Vidhan Sabha By-Election

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Fellow Volunteers, Supporters and Well-wishers,

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at about 6:45 PM, I had shared that subsequent to continued suggestions and requests from sociopolitical activist friends and colleagues, I had relented and begun to seriously consider entering the race for this by-election scheduled to be held in the next months. I had asked for comments and suggestions.

This is to place my sincere gratitude on record to each one of the community elders who have spent tens of hours discussing, debating, weighing and analysing all possible combinations, colours and contours in their own respective circles and then sharing the fruit with me. I have fought along with several activist colleagues to help usher in a culture of participatory democracy, accountability and transparency. My decision to enter or not to enter the fray will be governed by these same values. 

I have learnt so much from the insights coming from so many varied quarters. Not just about virtues, I have been learning about my own weaknesses and have been amazed at witnessing the resilience, humility, pragmatism and courage of the die-hard Punjabi activists and Punjab sympathizers.

Team ethics are paramount and whatever the differences or handicaps, teams mustn’t break up. Unanimity is not the virtue of people always in some hurry. Sometimes it takes time to reach a decision, or to patiently wait when colleagues and partners dwell upon a given matter and are engaged in serious contemplation. Not all relations are made in heaven —many are earthen. God made everything out of Nothingness. That is God’s virtuosity, not ours! Earthen marvels are fruits of genuine labour —selfless, and borne out of compassion, and love.

Such relations and liaisons last till eternity.

Well, this is about Khadoor Sahib Vidhan Sabha by-election!

Given the opportunity, I will be willing to take the challenge head on. This is not an announcement but just to inform that discussions are now at a very advanced stage. If I were to give a visual – out of 100 boxes, about 90 stand filled. The moment the 100th is called —you will all have an invite for a press conference.

Thank you once again for your blessings —Let Us Re-Discover Punjab The Punjabi Way!

PS: Joke of the day

An “investigative” journalist called me earlier in the day, December 14, that is, and asked me if Yogendra Yadav will be fighting the by-election from Khadoor Sahib.
I said, “Not at all! But actually, Dr. Manmohan Singh, the former Premier, is!”

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